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Dale May: May the Force be with Him x Lego Wars

September 5, 2018 - Brendan Cannon

We caught up with digital artist and photographer Dale May to talk about the force, lego and his amazing conceptual art which everyone is talking about.

Dale has always been firmly planted in the arts after graduating from Parsons School of Design in NYC and his work has been featured in People, Glamour, Marie Claire, PDN and Bloomberg TV. As an editorial photographer, he has captured iconic images from Charlize Theron, Daniel-Day Lewis, and Jared Leto to name a few. 

A Look At British Photographer Nick Veasey's X-Ray Art

June 6, 2018 - Harper's Bazaar Art

Veasey talks to Bazaar Art about his latest collaboration with luxury skincare brand La Prairie, what inspires his work and how it uniquely marries art and science


March 13, 2018 - Greenwich Free Press

Last fall, after 58 people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a music festival in Las Vegas, Mary Himes and  Helen Klisser During started a project they call UNLOAD.

Their first effort in 2018, an exhibit titled “Up In Arms,” at the Samuel Owen Gallery in Stamford, features artworks incorporating guns and has the goal of stimulating discussion and consensus on how to reduce gun violence in America. Gallery owners Cindy and Lee Milazzo curated the exhibit. 

Passion for creating art leads Roslyn native to success

February 18, 2018 - Janelle Griffith

Two summers ago, Joseph Anavim found himself at a Hamptons mansion with Kristaps Porzingis, the crown jewel of Latvia and the New York Knicks.

Anavim, a mixed-media and contemporary artist who goes by the name Jojo, and the 7-foot-3 NBA star were among 20 or so people staying at a Water Mill estate.

The pair became instant pals at their mutual friend’s pad.

The bomb cyclone turned Nantucket waves into Slurpee slush

January 11, 2018 - PBS

In our NewsHour Shares moment of the day, cold weather created a rare phenomenon on the beach in Nantucket, Massachusetts, when last week's bomb cyclone pummeled the East Coast. The NewsHour's Nsikan Akpan explains why some brave souls got a glimpse of waves that moved more like a Slurpee than salt water.

Surf's Frozen? Slurpee Waves Spotted on Nantucket Beach

January 4, 2018 - LIVE SCIENCE

The cold that's gripping the U.S. East Coast has created a magical phenomenon in Nantucket, Massachusetts: Slurpee waves.

The waves, seemingly freezing midbreak, are not just gorgeous — some of them are also surfable, according to photographer and surfer Jonathan Nimerfroh. "You can surf the slush, as they are moving waves," Nimerfroh told Live Science in an email.

Nimerfroh was lucky enough to witness the frozen enchantment.

Jojo Is the Artist of Choice Among N.B.A. Stars

December 22, 2017 - Malika Andrews

In a rarefied Manhattan club where annual membership costs as much as $400,000, Victoria’s Secret models leaned against leather furniture and chatted about runway struts in Shanghai while sharp-suited investment bankers sipped flutes of Dom Pérignon.

They were ostensibly there for a basketball game — a losing Knicks effort at Madison Square Garden against the Portland Trail Blazers unfolding a few hundred feet below.

A dark-haired man with groomed stubble arrived in a blue-and-red shirt whose top button he had chosen, after much internal debate, not to close for fear of appearing “too hipster.” He greeted a hostess as Joanna. She gently informed him that her name was Gabby. Walking away, he cringed. “Was that really bad?” he asked, looking back over his shoulder.

He made his entrance into the members- and invite-only suite shortly before tip-off (though he was just a guest), and let it be known that he rarely shows up to games before the second quarter.

Nick Smith

October 31, 2017 - Widewalls

On first sight, artworks made by Nick Smith might appear just like random color chips stitched together to produce incoherent abstract images. However, if you move a few steps back, you will recognize the classic paintings in 8-bit form. Using Pantone swatch cutouts, the Glasgow-born artist recreated some of the most iconic works of art to date including Munch’s impressionist piece The Scream, Warhol’s portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Vermeer’s Girl with The Pearl Earring, and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, among others. As his work developed, Smith has expanded the range of subjects. His latest series depicts modern nudes combined with excerpts from the Shakespeare’s sonnets and plays.

Melissa MacLeod Review by Suzann Zelazo

September 15, 2017 - Susan Zelazo

The sky blues and sandpiper hues of the classic Nantucket seascape are certainly soothing, and there’s no shortage of talented artists endeavoring to treat viewers to such escapes. Yet, as island dwellers know, the Grey Lady doesn’t always shine, though her variance is constant. Simultaneously appearing and disappearing, she wraps her shoulders in fog, while lifting her skirts at the water’s edge. It is this very tension between the drive to conceal and reveal that impels the newest work, Migrations Series, by long time Nantucket resident, Melissa MacLeod. Although you won’t find beach scenes or sand dunes in MacLeod’s biomorphic sculptures or metallic-based paintings, the very essence of the island lives in and through her spirited, and mesmerizing abstractions.

Carine Magescas Interview

June 16, 2017 - The Photographer's House

Last year I was looking for a photographer, that a friend of mine said “just google ‘galleries in Minnesota’ and you will find their work.” So without a name but armed with a description of their work, I began my search. Usually Google is very good returning links closely related to my search requests; but not always. On this particular search Google returned in the list a gallery called Minnesota Street Project (actually a collection of galleries) which is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. And specifically, a body of work from Carine Magescas titled “La Plage Blanche”. That proved to be serendipity at its most elegant. I was struck by her high-key style. You can immediately see that Magescas has chosen to only leave in her photographs what is necessary. Creating scenes that challenge us to see beaches in a new light. Whether you are looking at surfers waiting for the next wave that we cannot see or chairs lined up and hinting of ocean just beyond our sight, her photographs compel you to lean in and look a little deeper at what she has chosen to share with the viewer.