Samuel Owen Gallery Presents: MR. BRAINWASH


Mr. Brainwash is the pseudonym of Paris-born, Los Angeles-based filmmaker and street artist Thierry Guetta, according to the Banksy-directed film Exit Through the Gift Shop. MBW (as he is known) fuses historic pop imagery with contemporary cultural iconography to create his own “Pop–Graffiti” art. In 2009 he designed the cover art for Madonna’s much publicized greatest hits album Celebration, and his image of Madonna covered streets all over the world.

MBW’s highly recognizable images and signature style have catapulted him into international superstardom, including a recent performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and being featured on the Hulu series A Day In The Life hosted by Oscar- nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock.

It seems that one cannot discuss MBW without referencing Banksy, undoubtedly the most important and provocative street artist to emerge on the global stage. Banksy’s true identity is still unknown after 20 years on the graffiti scene, which only adds to the intrigue that surrounds his work. Since the release of Exit Through The Gift Shop, there has been much speculation that the film and story of MBW is an invention by Banksy and rumors have circulated that Mr. Brainwash is a front for Banksy- even that he is Banksy!

Samuel Owen Gallery is thrilled to share the work of such a prominent, though controversial, street artist as Mr. Brainwash with the Greenwich community.

Samuel Owen Gallery Presents: MR. BRAINWASH

Jul 17 – Aug 31, 2014