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by Rose, Antoine
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About the Artwork
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Belgian born photographer Antoine Rose is self-taught and began a lifelong dedication to the medium when he was eight years old. That early interest expanded into an ardent passion for photography, travel and the ocean.

Rose is a published artist with major international brands, who have commissioned his work for worldwide advertising campaigns. As official photographer of the Kitesurfing World Cup for several consecutive years, Rose traveled around the globe, from South Africa to Istanbul, immortalizing those magic moments.

Antoine Rose began work on his “Up in the Air” series in 2002 while shooting the Kitesurfing World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. The latest images of the series “UP IN THE AIR” were shot around the Hamptons shorelines, and in them he has achieved a level of minimalism that transforms ordinary scenes, landscapes and objects into works of art. Antoine Rose’s photographs are evocative of Cezanne’s renowned bathers, and within the current art scene Rose’s photographs have been compared, albeit superficially, with the work of Massimo Vitali. Yet, in fact, Rose’s approach is fundamentally different. Rose’s exclusive bird’s eye view allows only two fields in his compositions - the ocean and the beach -, and excludes a third one – the sky, and In some photographs the entire image is devoted solely to the ocean.

About the adventurous working process of aerial photography Rose once confessed in an interview: “Shooting from helicopters, all doors removed, 300 feet above earth at 20 knots and getting tack sharp images that can be printed as large as 10 feet wide is quite a challenge.”

Photographs from Antoine Rose’s UP IN THE AIR series have recently been featured in the USA including a solo show, in France, Italy, the UK, Belgium and Hong Kong, and were consistently well received everywhere they were shown.